A little about me

Hi my name is Melissa and I have 2 daughter’s age’s 8 emma and 1 ella . We have been living in Tigard Oregon for about a year now . We moved from Portland why is another story. We live in a over priced town house 2 bedrooms. 2 1/2 bathrooms in an upstairs unit. we our hopefully going to be moving two what the apartment manager calls a 2 by 1 . 2 bedroom 1 bath on the bottom floor I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to keep the noise level down when your 1yr old is learning to walk. I am sure the down stairs naighbor​s can’t wait for her to stop falling every 2 seconds. And my 8year old Emma she loves to dance ,just move her body which is not a great thing when she won’t do it upstairs and wants to do it on The main floor .we are working on that . A little about myself I am 33 years old I am a certified nanny I have worked in childcare my whole life well it seems that way. I am currently working at home I am watching a couple of kids in my townhouse and can make rent .  IAM trying to minimize our stuff since we have a lot. I also  trying not to go further into debt and trying to pay back money I owe. We also Ave a 15year old tabby cat jewels . Thanks for reading about me and my family.


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