A tipical​ day in my life

my day starts at 5:30 am in the morning because I am woken up by my 15year old cat meowing at my door how the girls sleep through it .I have know idea . I check my emails while I am awake then I get dressed and do my hair . At 6am I wake the girls we all go downstairs to the living room. I change Ella’s diaper while Emma watches YouTube I fix Ella a bottle and.make Emma’s breakfast i take her lunch from the fridge and put it in her backpack I make my coffee and then run up stairs to get Emma’s school clothes and Ella’s cloth diapers. My first child doesn’t arrive until 6:15am as the children arrive I am making sure Emma gets dressed and brushes her teeth .by 715am all the children have arrived and at 725am Emma is out the door. We play tell breakfast. at 8am I going the kitchen to prepare breakfast the kid sit down and enjoy. once breakfast is over we do calendar, ABC’S, 123’s and shapes . About 8:45am diapers are changed we paint,small motor activity, circle time ect. Lunch is at 11 i am trying to slowly move it to 12  .by 11 everyone​ is tired and hungry as i serve lunch I have who I will call c screaming at me about everything from me taking a drink of my coffee .to he is mad that he finished eating first  about 1130 is nap  H is asleep after a couple of minutes I wrap up C and put him in the bouncer and hope he sleeps an hour today . I get Ella and her cot and take it in the living room and put her to sleep once everyone is awake I change diapers and have snack at 2pm all the while C is yelling all day about me taking a drink of my coffee or Ella has her bottle even thou his is sitting right next to him at 2:50pm Emma arrives home she drops her backpack and demands food while she taking the computer upstairs. At 330pm my first child leaves That’s H he is M,T,Th  . C leaves at 6pm M-th diapers and snacks continue until 6. once he leaves I change Ella’s into a disposable diapers make a bottle and put her to bed if it’s bath night we do bath before bed this is the time I have to myself if Ella goes to bed on time Emma is to bed  at 8pm and if i Can fall asleep so am I and we do it all again tomorrow.


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