reflection day

Today has been great day there are always bumps in the road though out the day but they are little  . We went to the store to day to get cookies for a video Emma wants to do she gave me a hug in the store it’s been so long since she has done that it felt really great that she hugged me  . She is really a great kid even thou I basically do everything for her which we are working on she has been through alot as well and she always does better then me. I got a text from a mom that has a 11 year old daughter she asked for advice about her daughter using bad language. I gave her advice  and it made me think. I am so thankful that Emma doesn’t talk to me that way . It made me realize how great she is she get all her work done​ at school .she some time plays with her baby sister and is happy and healthy that you for reading don’t forget to hug your kids everything will work out in the end 


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