What a day

Today  started out just like every sunday . At 830am i buckled ella is her stroller carryed it down the stairs while emma watcher her while i carried down the garbage so now the challenging part is pushing the stroller down stairs  and carrying a garbage  bag in the other finally we made it i throw the garbage away and we head to the store before it gets hot . As we enter  the front of the door emma gets the grocery cart and we get blueberrys tgey are by 1get 1free as we shop i remember  i forgot the grocery bags as we check out ella see the bananas and want them she starts fussing so i get her out while holding her in ine arm i load tge grocery on the converter belt the lady in front of us decides she need to get straws and hold the line up which i wouldn’t mind but ella was hungry finally she returns with her item and it’s  our turn.  i have to buy reusable shopping  bags because  the plastic will not make it home 2 bags later we head out the door . I give ella a bannana and fill her water bottle with strawberry and bananas  smoothie which she drinks on the was home finally home ella is asleep i put the grocery away 10:30am and i get things ready for swimming we make it all the way thereand i forgot the keu card so we walk back to get it by this time ella wakes up great she needed a nap emma goes in the pool i take ella in and she starts  to Shriver so i take her out and she walkes around for 45 minute once we get home we put everything away and ella hits my glasses of and completely breaks them she had already broke bith nose pieces of when she was about 6months old it’s that little thing that breaks me i start to cry and cant stop but i still have a house to clean and kids to take care of so thats what i do while the tears roll and i am completely exhausted i have to keep going .


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