New Hershey candy flavors

  • So i recently tried some of the new flavor Hershey came out  with. 6 different  flavors from 5 states. The first one was the Kit Kat bar it’s the flavor of California  (strawberry cream) i have to say this is the best one i have tried yet .as you can see the outside is pink and smells amazingly like strawberry and taste as wondering as it smells.  Next is payday bar its the flavor of Texas’s BBQ the flavoring is on the peanutsand it is jyst a sudfle hint of BBQ it reminds me of lays BBQ chip but very very suddle hint of BBQ i didn’t really care for the BBQ flavor on the candy bar even though it was just a hint of BBQ. 3. is Hershey chocolate bar with the flavor of new york cherry cheesecake when i opened it i got hit with the smell of butter yes i said butter it is white chocolate with pink little dots in the bar when i bit into it and tasted it . The taste reminded me of almond extract you know how almond extract  smells well thats how it taste it .if you close yoyr eyes maybe you can imagine you are eating a poppyseed muffin. Do get me wrong this is my second favorite by far. 4.we have Reeses peanuts butter cups flavor of Georgia honey rosted this was my least favorite i love Reese peanuts butter cups but the honey completely ruins them for me the Reese look the same you only notice the diffrents when you taste somthing else in the peanut butter cup it didn’t really taste like honey to me but that all depends on what honey the used and what flowers the bee’s got  there nectar from . So there still is Hershey chocolate kisses from hawaii flavor chocolate coconut almond  and twizzlers from florida flavor keylime pie and. I want to say the other  twizzler flavor from florida is lemon  meringue pie. I haven’t seen those flavor yet at my store when i do i will try them out as well. Thanks for reading my review .


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