DIY 4 of july crown 

Today i want to try a DYI for the upcoming holiday 4 of july. So i went to my trusty site Pinterest and found this easy and inexpensive DIY to compete any outfit and you can find all these supplies at the dollar tree  let’s get started.

These are the craft supplies you need

  1. Ribbon red,white and blue
  2. Pipcleaners (red)
  3. Wire Star garland

Step 1.
Measure your childs head with the pipcleaners for children under 8 years old you will only need 2 pipcleaners. Twist the pipcleaners together

Step 2 cut and curl the ribbon

step 3

Tie the ribbon onto the back of the pipcleaners

Step 4

Cut the star garland.  A half circle worth if you want more stars you can add more garland  but if you have to long of a piece of garland it gets tangled in the ribbon

There you go you are done and it looks great

If you want to check out my new video on YouTube


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