Watch “Ultra Rare neon Twozies !” on YouTube

We just finished a great unboxing of twozies.  I can’t believe that  there is an ultra Rare neon on wow  These little babies are dressed up for an adventure of a lifetime.

They come in 7 diffrent categories

  1. Sweet
  2. Wild
  3. Cool
  4. Adventurous
  5. Noisy
  6. Cheeky
  7. Limited edition

Season 1 has 140 + to collect and they all have little animal buddies  to collect tooeach baby is dessed just like there animal friend .

They also come in fininshes

  1. Ultra- Rare
  2. Neon
  3. Metallic
  4. Limited edition

Weather they are Rare,ultra Rare,common boy or girl or limited edition they are a great little toy the are small enough that they fit in Barbie arms .

I hope you enjoy


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