Toddler carry-on

I love traveling and when i first started travel with my daughter i over packed everything. from carry-on to the checked baggage  . so to-day i am going to show you what i pack in my child’s  carry-on now that i know what she needed and uses when flying.

so the number one thing I always over pack were snacks she rarely ever ate them. emma would stay awake 2 hrs into the flight then put her self to sleep and i would normal wake her up when we landed. but i know mot all children are that easy as emma got older she did stay awake more i also made a routine after secrity we went to starbucks i got a coffee she got a smoothie. this is what i packed for snacks

  1. fresh fruit (or fruit pouches)
  2. goldfish( or other crackers
  3. spill proof cup (make sure its empty when going through security )
  4. fruit snacks (dried fruit)
  5. sandwich
  6. you can always have a sit down meal while waiting for you plane

and it’s real up to know  what your child like and will eat . i also pick up a water bottle and special snacks after security . now for the entertainment  while waiting at the gate  .there are play areas in the airport but you are not always near them and sometime they are before security . i try to pack a new toy and book depending on what emma was into at the time . here are some store that are great for cheap items.

1. targets 1$ section (books,  socks, puzzle, tattoos, bubbles. ect

2. the dollar store (coloring books, play dough, little toys and ect.)

what i pack  for on the plane . to the destination .

*bubble 3oz or less (i got the party bubble size at target they come in a pack of 10)

*tattoos(we got stuck on a plane for 1 hr after we had landed .they saved the day )

*favorite stuffed animal & blanket (planes are cold)

*glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets for dark planes

*new books are great. if you have a leapfrog , kindle fire , computer, dvd player  something for entertainment that is a time killer to ( you can also purchase movies on most airlines )

*headphones (make sure they fit and don’t fall off)

* art supplies (markers , paper, colored pencils , coloration art supplies are great for   no mess if you are worried about your kids getting messy.

lets talk about clothing and toddler essentials

*extra clothes 2 sets including socks( i never needed the extra clothes but you never know)

*light jacket or sweatshirt

*bibs ( if you have a messy toddler)

*spoon just in case( plastic spoons break )

*diaper/pull-ups (bring half a pack of diapers) more depending on your flight

if you have a well potty trained child then you should still bring will need 4 or 5 to be safe  depending on your fight if its international i would bring a couple of night diaper just incase even if they are potty trained .then you don’t have to worry about them having an accident . if they are just staring potty training you should just bring diapers trying to get to the bathroom in time is a challenge even if you have a aisel seat the bathroom might be occupied and /or long line.

now lets move onto medication /first-aid even if your toddler doesn’t regularly take/need medicine you still should bring it . airports and planes have a lot of people in and out and carry lots of germs so i always bring medicine just incase here is a list that you might need and i always carry Clorox wipes to clean airplane surfaces luckily Emma has never gotten sick .

  1. Tylenol /ibuprofen
  2. Dramamine kids
  3. any prescription medication you child will need
  4. band aids (they can also keep little one occupied )
  5. Neosporin on the go / cream
  6. sunscreen (I use stick for the face and liquid for the body)


paperwork for your child

  1. passport (if you have /need it for your destination)
  2. copies  of passport /important documents
  3. medical card/insurance card


hope this was helpfull if you would like some photo of item i could add that .again thank you for reading this i hope it was helpful .












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