the best fudge ever

every year my grandmother and i would hand mix fudge . we used a heavy pan to make it. my arms always felt like jello after we where done . the counters would be filled with fudge . the smell of chocolate filled the air and i always got to licked the spoon i wasn’t going to let a bit of that fudge go down the drain .

so let’s get on with the recipie

my family fudge


4 (12oz bags) semi-sweet chocolate chips

3  bag of marshmallows

4 1/2 cups of sugar

1(12oz.) can of evaporated milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


you will need to butter a 9  by 13 size pan

and make sure you have cut all the tops of the bag off or have them opened before starting.

in a heavy large and tall if you have one , add sugar and milk bring to a boil stirring constantly .boil for 6 minutes .

add the vanilla extract be carefully the vanilla will cause the milk and sugar to rise.

add the chocolate chips first once they are melted add the marshmallows stir tell melted  . then pour in your pan  the fudge will set as it cools . it sets up pretty fast depending on the weather. don’t touch the fudge in the pan unless you use a spoon it is very hot  . and no fighting about who gets to lick the spoon









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