DIY Holiday door wreath

this is a wonderful and simple craft to make . this photo dosen’t capture how beautiful the wreath really is  i mean. snowflakes covered in glitter what more do you need


Dollar store craft (you can purchase all the supplies at the dollar store)

supplies you will need

clear snowflakes (  come in a 10 pk)

sliver snowflakes (came in a 5pk )

1 big snowflake (comes by it’s self)

glue gun + the glue (i had both already)

1 metal wreath hanger

total cost with the glue gun= 6$

step 1 plug in the glue gun to heat up make sure no children can get the gun the tip will get super hot.


step 2 a rang the snowflakes how you like them. i put all the small snowflakes on the back of the big snowflakes points. then add the silver one in the middle


step 3. glue the small snowflakes  to the back of the big snowflake


step 4 as the snowflake wreath dries put the meta wreath hanger on you door.

step 5 cut the little hanging tags off the small snowflakes leave the tag on the big snowflake that’s how you are going to hang it up.

step 6 grab your wreath . using the tag that came with it. hang it on you door. and there you have a beautiful snowflake wreath it was simple ,easy and less expensive the store bought wreath. if you make a snowflake wreath leave a comment and photo so i can see how yours turned out i love seeing other ideas.


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