DIY popsicle stick craft for kids

i love doing crafts with the kids so when i saw this idea i had to try it. if you don’t have all the supplies thats fine you can use markers for most of this project. you will need something to use to hang it up if thats what you has planned  if not you can set it up on the mantel for display . or hot glue some magnets on the back and put it on you fridge


supplies you will need

  • 7 craft sticks any size
  • glue or glue gun
  • black and white paint (markers work fine to )
  • google eyes ( again markers , buttons or paper work to)
  • glitter ( i used puff paint with glitter)
  • something to hang it ( string, ribbon , magnets will work)


step 1 lay the sticks out and glue (let dry)


step2. paint the top half black (snow mans hat)


step3. paint the bottom white (snow mans face)


step4 add glitter and google eyes while the paint is wet so you don’t have to add glue

let dry



step 5  add the nose and mouth to you snowman


step 6 add the ribbon  or magnet to hang the snowman using you hot glue gun to secure.


note : there are many way to make this craft and you can use a lot of different craft items as well .have fun making your holiday crafty.


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