Easy cheese pizza bagels

I take care of toddler’s for a living so fast and easy recipes our a must. This is a pretty cheap meal as well.

1 jar of pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce if you already have that

2 cups of finely graded cheese

4 bagel (once taken apart there will be  8  halfs)

1. Cut the bagels in half .the do come cut but they are normally  not cut through.

2. Put sauce on your bagel

3. Put the grated cheese on top

4. Cook I use the microwave it’s easy and fast. cook tell cheese is melted. you can cut the bagels in half again if you have little ones it’s easier for them to eat.
Note use what ever topping you might like


You can also freeze the pizza bagels put them on a cookie tray and stick in the freezer tell frozen the put them in a flat Tupperware or Ziploc so the cheese doesn’t fall off


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