1 mom 2 kids Packing for Seattle

i love packing for travel others might hate it but i love it . i love planning and organizing every step of the way. with this trip i had to plan like i never had before. because this trip i am attempting it with my toddler and my 9 year old daughter it is only for a couple of days but my toddler has never been away for vacation before so you could call this a trail run. lets get started with what i packed for her.


as you can see from the photo she doesn’t need a lot we leave on a Friday with a arrival time of noon . we will have a full day on Saturday to explore and leave Sunday morning so i only packed

2 outfits + 1 sleep + 2pairs of socks + 2 pair of underwear per day

1 raincoat + 1 pair of rainbows she will also wear her tennis shoes there

1 kindle fire + toys for entertainment (3hr + travel to and from )

1 hair band + sunglasses (she wanted them )

and it all fits in her backpack that will be her only piece of luggage.

for my toddler Ella she needs the most out of all of us she is just about to turn 2 and still in diapers . Ella also get very cold very easy so i had to pack extra.


2outfits per day + 1 sweat outfit pre day + 2 pair of socks + 1 pair of fuzzy warm socks per day.

1 pk of wipes + 1 pk of diapers + Clorox & antibacterial wipes

2 burp clothes for spills + 4 disposable place mats

for entertainment i only packed a few things it only a 3hr train ride

play dough with small toys and tools + paper and crayons + spin tops and Disney tape




1 raincoat + 1 fleece jacket + 1 winter boots + 1 pair of rain-boots

1 winter hat (not in the photos) + rain hat

now for me i don’t really need much but i new i would need my hands free so i purchased a backpack for only 10 dollars it was on clearance at target.


1 outfit per day + 2 pair of sock + 2 pair of underwear per day . you never know what going to happen you could sit in something wet or get something spilled on you extra socks and underwear are a must for my family 🙂

1 raincoat + 1 jacket + 1 pair rain boots + toothpaste X2 Emma and Ella share i have my own. 1 bag of floss tooth brushes X 3 + personal items i might need .

my wallet + cellphone & charger + computer & charger + camera & charger and hard drive. no i am not taking medication if necessary i can always buy it there . i forgot about the snacks lot of snack and i will pack a lunch per person . i haven’t decided yet if i am taking her stroller or not i will up date you guys if i do or do not take it . if you guys have any tips on traveling by Amtrak to Seattle i would love to hear them.


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