Aulani disney resort and spa part 1

Aulani is a dream destination for most .and for others it’s just another Disney resort but it’s not just another Disney resort .yes it has Disney in its name but except for the stitch statue you wouldn’t know that it’s a Disney owned resort and that’s how they wanted it. luckily I was able to experience it first hand with my daughter Emma.

so how do you get there? what airline are you going to take? I know it’s a duh question but for some that might want to know you fly there Lol and of course we used Hawaiian airlines. I normally just use whatever airline is cheapest or I have frequent flyer mile with.

  1. Hawaiian airlines was a great experience the seat where great and comfortable and they had a great selection of snack boxes for kids and adults they also had a gluten-free snack pack when we went. 5hr and 55 minutes long .we arrived. it is a big airport you have to do a lot of walking it seemed faster to walk outside to baggage claim.
  2. getting to your hotel I book a shuttle van to and from the airport if you have small children that require a car seat make sure you bring one or request one when booking you shuttle service. unfortunately, the car seat they had was too small for Emma so lucky I had packed her bumboo chair it’s an inflatable booster seat or I would have been out of luck. but once you do get through the airport and get the bags to make sure you use the restroom before getting on your shuttle it’s about a 1 hour or more depending on traffic.
  3. arriving at Aulani don’t forget to take photos as you arrive the hotel is stunning

these are just a few of the photos I took sorry they are with my cell phone . as you pull up and get out your driver will be expecting a tip .so make sure you have cash on hand. once the tip is taken care of you will be greeted by a woman with a lai for the women and children and the men get a bead neckless unfortunately if your lay does make it through your stay you can’t take it with you so enjoy it while you can.


as you walk in the building another person will greet you with you find out your info and hand you your room key and you are off to find your room.

once in your room you will be greeted by the iconic Disney rolled towels. the first time we stayed at the resort we stayed in the grand villa .the first thing Emma does at any hotel is she looks through everything and jump on the bed as well LOL. you also will receive a daily paper called the daily IWA of what events are going on that day.

after she was finished with her routine we head off to the beach . don’t forget to get you aulani wrist bands at the towel shakes you can’t do anything once out of the hotel room without the wristbands. if they see you without a wristband they will make you leave to go get one .each day you will get a new color and even the youngest of little ones need a band on their little wrist to do activities.


as you can see she loves jumping in to the wave . Aulani has a man mad reef the waves can get intense so alway be very close to you kids even if they have a life jacket on. the wave went over Emma’s head a couple of times even at the shore line and at the end of the day we felt beat up .the waves will pound you but its fun. MAKIKI JOE’S BEACH EQUIPMENT RENTALSFrom 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, stop by to check out complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas, boogie boards and sand toys or rent snorkel gear, paddleboards or casabella loungers.

they also have a giant floating foam pad where they kids can jump off of or see fish swimming around underneath.



WALKOLOHE STREAM (lazy river) with a slide .you will find a lot of kids swimming. there is also a zero enter to the lazy rive by the water bridge. there our 1 or 2 rider tubes where you can go up to a volcano and go down the water slide. it is really popular when never go to try it the lines were alway to long .

MENEHUNE BRIDGE it a water bridge with a slide fun for all ages only the kids can go on the structure there will be a life guard on the structure telling you it’s only for kids . if you don’t feel conferable about you small kids going up alone then they can play at the bottom of the structure they water dumps down and also sprays from different areas so they will have a awesome time as well . if you wan’t a place to sit they have poolside cabanas reserve at least a month ahead of time or get the 2 hr before anything opens to grab a chair and if you are gone more the 1 hr they will remove your towel from the chairs for others to use them. so someone has to be there most of the time . they do come around with menu so you can order food and drinks so really you don’t have to go any were except to the restroom. make sure you have your sunscreen and sun hat it is very, very hot .


Keiki cove splash zone for little ones .

Emma enjoyed it as well the water jumps out of the ground the cool thing is if there is any one doing the MENEHUNE TRAIL the cove lights up and more water comes out.

walkolohe pool has a zero entry for the little ones. there are stairs on either side for those who you them . they also have an ordering service at the pool .they will come around with a menu if the don’t and you see one of the aulani employees just ask them for a menu. they also take Disney gift card for ordering food. that make it easy if you have older kids that want to be on there own.


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