Aulani resort and spa part 2

let begin again at where we left off.

Rainbow Reef :

  • The saltwater lagoon at Aulani Resort is home to thousands of tropical fish. swim up close among the dazzling marine life or witness the wonders of the reef through a viewing window. Snorkeling equipment is included with your entrance fee. It’s free to watch and take pictures. children ages 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult. here are some of the fish you might see butterflyfish, surgeonfish, and tangs. we didn’t get to do this as well it is at an additional cost and you can’t stand in the tank to rest.
    Makahiki Aulani Character Breakfast :

    you should make a reservation well in advance so that you are assured a spot. don’t forget your camera and autograph book. there are lots of places to eat at Aulani everyone can find something to eat like everything else it’s going to cost you but I do have today the in-room dining is fantastic it’s what I used in the mornings stuffed french toast, Mickey-shaped waffles and their honey yogurt with there fruit platter who can resist not me. the mickey ice-cream bar is at the Kālepa’s Store where you can get Disney Aulani merchandise, snack, ice-cream bars it’s the usual Disney store but much smaller and Hawaiian/Disney themed.

    there are also a lot of places to eat I think everyone in the family can find something . remember if you have any food allergies to just let the staff know so they can accommodate your needs.

    Saving Money on Groceries & Beach Items

    If you are a Costco member, you will definitely want to stop at the Costco in Kapolei, about 4 miles from Aulani. It is by far the best place to stock up on essentials, and it offers a nice variety of Hawaiian specialties like kalua pig, pork lau lau, ahi poke, Portuguese sausage, Hawaiian sweet bread, lomi lomi salmon, Kona coffee, POG (passion fruit/orange/guava) juice, pineapples and more. You can even buy leis and exotic floral arrangements. Costco also usually has the best gas prices on the island.

    Another good option is the Target in Kapolei, also about 4 miles from Aulani. You can pick up basic foods and beach items like snorkel gear, sand chairs, beach umbrellas, etc. Having your own gear can save you a fortune in rentals Aulani also has a set price with the taxi companies so you won’t be over charger, unfortunately, every time we have gone somehow I have gotten water in my very expensive cell-phones I have done this twice so they set prices to help on unforeseen cost . and since we are talking about the beach again you can probably find a family trying to give there beach/ sand toys away before they leave we encountered a family in the elevator trying to give a whole bag of beach toys away before they left.

    Even if you don’t plan to have a rental car, you can walk over to Island Country Market, across the street from Aulani. The food prices are about the same as what you’ll pay at Aulani, but there is a lot more selection. We don’t recommend doing a lot of grocery shopping here: it would be like buying all your groceries at 7-11, price-wise. However, the market has a very nice selection of wines and offers things like inexpensive, basic snorkel sets you can also pick- up souvenirs.

    What are the dining options?

    ‘AMA ‘AMA – this beachside casual restaurant is located on the far end of the Waikolohe Valley, above the beach. It features covered open-air seating and serves lunch and dinner. The menu focuses on “contemporary island cooking” and features fresh local ingredients, including sustainable seafood. It’s a great location for watching a sunset. The restaurant is named after a local type of mullet fish called the ‘ama’ama, which may sound familiar to anyone who has heard “The Hukilau Song”. (We’re going to a hukilau… We throw our nets out into the sea, and all the `ama`ama come a-swimming’ to me …)

    Makahiki – The Bounty of the Islands – is a casual buffet restaurant located on the ground floor just below the lobby. There is both outdoor and indoor seating. The buffet selections have quite an international flavor with an emphasis on locally-inspired cuisine and Asian influences. Hawaiian favorites at dinner might include laulau, poi, and poke, while breakfast features the locally popular Loco Moco. Sushi/sashimi, rice, and dim sum are also available, as well as more traditional American fare. “Aunty’s Breakfast Celebration” takes place Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays, featuring Aunty and favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

    Lava Shack – this poolside location serves snacks and cold boxed lunches like fried chicken and salmon.

    Off the Hook – is an open-air bar between ‘AMA ‘AMA and the Waikolohe Pool. The menu includes sandwiches and wraps, as well as traditional and specialty tropical drinks.

    The ‘Olelo Room – this bar is located on the ground floor next to Makahiki. All the bartenders speak Hawaiian, and guests are encouraged to brush up on some Hawaiian words. To help, the decor features the Hawaiian name on things like chairs and tables, with even more names on wooden figures on the walls. The ‘Olelo Room serves a continental breakfast in the morning and appetizers and drinks in the evening.

    One Paddle, Two Paddle – this counter service restaurant is next to ‘AMA ‘AMA. It opens in the late morning with an all-day menu that includes a pork sandwich, burgers, fish tacos, and wraps.

    Papalua Shave Ice – the shave ice stand is located in the pool area, with 12 different syrup flavors – select your favorite two or three or five.

    Rip Swirl Yogurt – though it’s located just inside the Painted Sky Teen Spa, the yogurt bar is open to anyone. Select from four flavors of frozen yogurt, and as many as three different toppings from the variety of fruits, candies, nuts, and sprinkles available.

    Room service is also available from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight.

    What about the menehune?

    Menehune are the mischievous Hawaiian “little people”. There are statues of them hidden all over Aulani, both indoors and out, some that are easy to see and others in places where only smaller guests will easily spot them. There’s no formal game associated with finding them, but it can be a lot of fun trying to locate them.

    Are refillable mugs available?

    Refillable mugs are $18.99 and can be purchased and refilled at Kalepa’s Store (next to the main lobby), the Lava Shack, and One Paddle, Two Paddle.

    Tell me about the Waikolohe Valley.

    At 7 acres in size, the Waikolohe Valley is the main recreation area for Aulani, and all kinds of activities take place there. “Waikolohe” means “waters of mischief” and the waters in the valley more than live up to their name.

    The pool area is exclusively for the use of Aulani guests, who must visit the Kawele Korner booth near the pool each day and show their room key to get a new and different-colored wristband for the day. Each guest, whether child or adult, must show a room key. Pool towels are also available there.

    Makai Preserve gives guests an opportunity to interact with several brown stingrays. The stingrays are in a Mickey-shaped pool and the guests stand next to it but are able to reach in and touch them. This experience is available by reservation only, $50 for adults and $45 for kids.

    Menehune Adventure Trail – indoor or outdoor adventure pick up an iPad at the Pau Hana Room that will allow you to communicate with Aunty as she helps you to explore some of the special surprises in the Waikolohe Valley. (You will be required to leave your room key as a deposit for the phone.) An adventure takes about 45 minutes, upon completion you may return the iPad, or start a new adventure if you can’t finish the adventure they will save it for you and you can resume it another day.

    Po’la’ila’i Sunset Gathering – held most evenings at sunset, Uncle and his assistants welcome the night with a Hawaiian chant.

    The Pau Hana Room (Community Hall) located on the bottom floor of the Ewa Tower, offers a variety of activities. Board games and DVD rentals are available there. Almost every day a local Hawaiian artisan teaches some kind of hands-on craft activity, such as making leis or kukui nut necklaces, or feather work. There are also classes on the hula don’t forget to pre-register for the craft classes.

    another cool part of Aulani is there koi pond and one of Emma’s favorite places to watch the koi and if you get lucky a sea turtle might rise out of the water.

    and one last thing if you have a grand villa they come with a washer and dryer in the rooms watch is very convenient. if you are staying at one of the other rooms they have the standard coin operated (you have to buy special coins for the) washer and dryer I could not get the coin machine to work so I went to the front desk they gave me them for free they said that they were only for Disney vacation club members . well, I hope I covered most of what you needed to know it is a very, very expensive hotel but it is a lot of fun for the entire family. I hope you enjoyed reading this if you have any questions please ask I will gladly help if I can.


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