your state staycation

the next time you’re looking to take a short trip, why head out of your state when you can have an enjoyable vacation by staying close to home? Exploring your backyard with a staycation is just as exciting as going elsewhere. most people never even see the wonders of there state.

I am a stay at home single mom of 2 girls 9 and 2 and although I don’t make a lot of money, I make enough to buy what we need , I try to put some money  aside if I have any left over at the end of the month  and between the tax return I get back and the money I set aside.  i try to take the girls on a fun outing in our state  to see a famous waterfall , to the beach(coast) or take Amtrak to Seattle. I don’t drive so I try and stretch the money as far as it will g.o we normally go on a tour to see things and pack a lunch or take the Greyhound bus down the coast.



how to travel in your state / Oregon ideas: these might apply to your state

    1. greyhound bus is an option to take from Portland, down the Oregon coast if you don’t drive and they go many places.  

      you can travel up and down the Oregon coast without a car,


  1. if driving is an option for you  then you can visit what you want and go at your own pace.
  2. take public transportation or walk to get to know the locals and it’s a great way to travel around town .
  3. camping is also a great way to spent time with family outdoors
  4. take a tour (Oregon there our several tours that take you to the famous land marks of Oregon like the
  • Oregon coast 125$-8hrs
  • mt. hood/gorge loop tour 125$-8hrs
  • Portland city tours 65$-3.5 hrs
  • Oregon wine tour  140$-6hrs
  • Columbia river gorge 65$ -4 hrs

these are just some tour around Oregon/Portland  you can find a lot to do  in the city of portland and outside the city and the great thing is it easy to get around.


keep costs down while on a day trip / tour

  1. pack your own lunch + snacks
  2. try not to buy to many souvenirs  if you do buy something.  make it small or something you can use / wear.
  3. take photos or video as souvenirs
  4. don’t buy new stuff just to go on vacation / day trip your regular clothes are fine i no it’s very tempting i have trouble with this one myself.

public transportation if you plan on seeing the city it’s a great and easy way to see it. its’ 5 $ adult for all-day and child 2.50 for all-day there is also a hop pass that you get  to.

Hop pass 101

  1. Get a Hop card at the store from the gift card rack or Customer Service.
  2. Load money on your card in the checkout lane, or use the Hop website, app or phone hotline.
  3. You’re good to go! Just remember to “tap on” every time you ride.

Tap and Go

  • Tap the Hop reader every time you board.
  • You can tap with your phone to buy an Adult fare (no Hop card needed!).
  • Transfers are free, but you need to tap every time you board.

Using Your Card

piggy bank illustration Save asYou Ride

  • Pay for two trips in one day with your Hop card or phone, and you earn a day pass.
  • You won’t pay more than a month pass in a month (when you use your Hop card).
  • Get the savings of a pass, without the upfront cost.

How It Works

phone illustration Reload JustAbout Anywhere

  • Put money on your Hop card anywhere, anytime, using the Hop website, app or phone hotline.
  • Reload in the checkout lane at hundreds of local stores.


rely on the tourist office they are there to help and can give you many ideas of what to see and do in your location.


if your not looking to save money then book a beautiful hotel with a great view . go out to eat at the best restaurant and relax and enjoy your self  here are some ideas.
  • coffee and chocolate tasting
  • wine tasting
  • spa
  • private tours
  • backstage tours
  • stage show

i think you get the idea just have fun and try not to brake the bank .


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