Disneyland our adventure

for Emma’s 6th birthday we went to Disneyland. we saw lots of princesses and did a lot of walking. if I had known what I do now, we would have had to walk so much? great for viewing fireworks.

here is the photo of the fireworks. we were about to go to bed when it sounded like really bad thunder-storm but when the car alarms started going off we jumped out of bed and went outside to see an amazing firework show.


there was also a vending machine with assorted snacks and drinks Emma was so excited to get a pack of cookies from the machine.


there was a McDonald’s right by our hotel so every morning we went there to have breakfast. I had oatmeal, coffee and Emma would have pancakes and sausage milk or some kind of breakfast item. it was on the cheap side and since I try to save money that’s what we did we were there only there for 3 days .and had dinner or lunch there as well.


our first day out we made our way out of our hotel down the street and across the busy road .i have to tell you if there wasn’t a whole lot of other people heading to Disney I wouldn’t have felt safe. the first park we went to was California adventure. we headed straight to bugs land where we spent almost the entire day. the rides are great for kids the ladybug ride (Francis Ladybug boogie) it just like the teacups. I do have to say the mater ride jerks you around a lot I had to hold on to Emma we were both sliding around in our seats



the flick’s flyer our hot air balloon but food and candy themed it goes up and down and is very kid friendly.




Tuck and Roll’s Drive “Em Buggies they are bug themed bumper cars it’s very fun children under 7 have to be accompanied by age 14 or older.


there was a life-size animatronics matter and Lightning McQueen that talked, while moving down the street . after we had an amazing time on Radiator Springs Racer 40″ high requirements and we used the FastPass the wait time was 3 hours.




we headed to Ariel’s Grotto for Dinner, where we met Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Rapunzel and snow-white they all took the time to talk to her and sign her book, as you can see she also go a paper crown since it was Emma’s birthday she got a birthday cupcake. she also got photos with her and Ariel to take home.



After we walked around, played some arcade games we ended the day with my favorite ice-cream.


as we headed out we meet Jake again from the Neverland Pirates


on day 2 we went to Disneyland the main park where we had a Minnie and Friends character breakfast at the plaza inn its a fixed price buffet. she got a Minnie button. they also stamp your hand so you can come and go if you need to use the restroom since it’s outside of the restaurant. they offer indoor or outdoor seating. Advance reservation can be made up to 60 days before your trip. don’t forget to get your free buttons Emma got her’s first visit and happy birthday (everyone will wish you a happy birthday if you wear your button)

we headed to Tomorrowland first since Emma had been to Disneyworld before I only took photos at the new rides she was going on.


the yellow submarine ride was new for Emma you get in a real submarine and go into the water and you can see the special effects like sea creatures, bubbles it’s very dark on this ride, very noisy Emma didn’t like it due to those 2 things. there is also a train that will take you around the park so you don’t have to walk so much.


there our rides we missed or didn’t take photo’s of .remember she had already been to disneyworld 3 times so she has done most of the rides . the parades we saw we the same like the move it shake it , they also had the Disney princess with the floats . and i know what rides my child likes and doesn’t like . you have to know your child and know if they can handle dark & loud rides . something like the little mermaid ride was hard for her to get on because of the darkness and the very loud music so keep that in mind never force your child to go on a ride it could ruin the trip for you and them .

she did like the gadget’s go coaster it was her first kid roller coaster 35 inches or taller is the high requirement

goofy sky school 42 inches or taller (hight requirement )they do have fast passes for this ride Emma loved it.

mad tea party (tea cups) for any hight .


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