Easter Flower Arrangement

i am back with yet another Easter centerpiece . my daughter Emma helped pick out the flowers and i think she did a wonderful job with the colors she chose .

what you will need

  • Flowers (pink, purple, and yellow)
  • peeps (blue, and pink) 16 in each pk (we used 8 of each color)
  • vase
  • m&ms/ jellybeans
  • a jar / toilet paper roll to hold flowers or water in the middle of the arrangment


step one : put the container in to hold flower


step two: put the M&M or jellybeans in the bottom of the vase


step three: put your peeps in the jar as you can see the peeps leave sugar on your work surface.20180326_1852561551089760.jpg

step five: put your flower in the vase have fun with the colors and how you arrange them.20180326_1853111262128787.jpg

this is the jellybean arrangement



here is the one with the m&ms i think the m&ms work better with the colors of the peeps.


now depending on the size of vase you use .  you might need more candy  we used 8 bunny peeps of each color for a total of 16 peep bunnies. happy arranging.





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