Easter Centerpiece

i loved all the easter center ideas i found on pinterest and wanted to try one out . i used what i had on hand .

what you will need

  • a jar or vase (depending on how big you want your centerpiece)
  • easter candy ( pink and blue peep bunnies , m&m’s and chocolate bunny)
  • easter grass
  • plastic eggs
  • pip cleaners


now if you want to add flowers to you centerpiece you are going to need to put a small jar in the middle to hold the water .


  1. get your container that you will be using and put the other jar in the middle
  2. put the m&m’s on the first layer


3. then your peeps / bunnies20180326_1323581183822074.jpg20180326_1330361706396334.jpg

4. add the grass


5.add the chocolate bunny


6 put the pip cleaner in the holes at the bottom of the egg and twister the pip cleaner together , stick it behind the bunny. i used these kinda like a balloons.


there you have it a simple easter themed centerpiece . i like this centerpiece because i already had the stuff at home .


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