so you want to go to Seattle Washington

yes, we finally made it back and I am just getting to the video’s, write the blog post the wi-fi in the hotel didn’t work well at all so let’s get started.

march 30th 2018 we left our apartment and ventured out at 5:50 am in the morning to the bus stop. 1 bus and, 1 max later we had arrived at  Union Station (Amtrak) it has been at least 2 years since I have been downtown. I forgot about all the homeless people. it is a big sleeping area for them .i did take a few photos with my phone.20180330_070052_1522701622898640142876.jpg

our travel day + more in Seattle on Friday

we got there about 2 hrs early but the time went by so fast . 3 hr later we were at the king city station in Seattle. it was pretty easy to navigate and the people we very nice if you needed direction. my google map was not working .we took the link from the international district toward the Washington University, once we got off the link I had to ask the police which direction to go my google map never did work right. it turns out our hotel was right behind us (the Westin) review on that hotel later .

once we got checked in which was very difficult my toddler, she had it by then. after being on a train for 3 hrs, and had to ride in her stroller from the train station to the hotel she was ready to unwind  .there were just too many people for her to walk around at that moment. we dropped off our luggage and head to McDonald’s for lunch it was behind  our hotel


we headed to pike place market were it was so crowded I snapped a picture of Emma at the first Starbuck’s you can see Ella is the reflection of the window, then we quickly headed to get ice cream at Shug’s  soda fountain and ice cream shop(that darn auto correct not Shug’s road its soda )   Emma got a cone with chocolate , Ella got a bowl with chocolate and I got cookies and cream milkshake. I didn’t expect them to be in glass and on a glass plate I had to help Ella with hers. 20180330_172605_1522703616750924784592.jpg

we went back to our hotel and ate there that’s all I am going to say about that. the next day we had breakfast and headed to the space needle. we could see the space needle from our hotel so we just used that as our directions. if you can see it you will make it there eventually once we arrived Ella headed straight for the fountain and though she could go swimming in it any body of water and a toddler is ready for a swim.



don’t forget to exchange your city pass at the ticket counter for your space needed ticket. we got the 9am slot . I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. but with all the construction going on I think it kinda ruined it for me or maybe it’s not what I expected. but it was hard to see down passed all the construction the good view was going up and down the elevator.



then we headed to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. first I let Ella run around .This is an amazing art installation. When you walk under the flowers, you feel like an ant because they’re so tall. The flowers hum as you walk around them and it’s great for photography. And it’s free! Located right outside the science center and Chihuly entrance . it great fun for the kids


i did love the glass museum but i have to say it’s really hard not for a toddler to touch the giant glass balls.


the cool thing is if you find the big black glass ball outside you can get the reflexion of you and the space needle in the photo.



we headed to the Seattle aquarium by foot, not realizing how far it was from the space needle it takes about 1 1/2 but we did have a great walk down the piers and a great view of the water.img_20180402_201921_942451482337.jpg






after a lot of time walking. we made it and got these photos again very busy time after the aquarium we headed back to the hotel and I forgot to mention I didn’t bring Ella’s stroller it was back at the hotel i had to carry her all the way back to the hotel asleep and it was almost all up hill I didn’t think we were going to make it but we did. your never know how strong you are until you are faced with the task of carrying a sleeping told for 45min.  we spent about 3 hrs resting at the hotel and letting Ella take her nap. since it was our last day we decide to get food and head to pike place market again .


we found frozen yogurt !!! emma got cookies and cream and Ella and I got a strawberry , banana and raspberry smoothie it was really good. I know that we didn’t see everything and i wish i had booked a tour it would have been easier i think but we got to experience seattle .

sunday we headed out and got breakfast at Starbuck’s and headed home


we had some bumps in the way but we had a great time together. Ella survived her first vacation and train ride.



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