5 mistakes to avoid when visiting seattle

it been only 3 day since we have been back, and i am still recoving from our trip  but lets go over atlest 5 mistakes i think i made while in Seattle.  and i hope it will help you .

mistake # 1 :planning at the last minute

i love to plain but as much as i tried to plain for this trip it just didn’t happen for me. and since this was my first trip with my 2 year old i didn’t know how it was going to go everything looks pretty close but it takes twice as long as your think it will and with a toddler that wants to walk  it takes even longer  you can’t see everything on a whim like i thought we could plan, plan , plan .


mistake #2 : not checking the events for seattle

what i didn’t know  was there was an anime festival going on + it was spring break  every day we went to pike place market it was packed stroller or no stroller it was very hard to walk and enjoy the mark everything smelled amazing. we did get a photo at the original Starbucks ( ignore the road word auto correct it not correct some times)


mistake # 3 not staying long enough

i did’t want to take anymore days off from work then i had to (i work from home) i don’t get vacation days payed . this my be just my mistake but i thought we could see everything in 1 day  again it didn’t work out there just weren’t enough hours in the day  with a toddler that needs a 3 hour nap by the time she woke up we got dinner and the day was over so make sure you plan on staying atlest 2 full days or more and this goes in the planning but plan on nap times .


mistake #4  find the right Hotel

again this might just be me but the hotel i booked was in a great location that’s why i booked it . but once we go there the food selection  was horrible for kids, and we had to wait atlest 15 minutes for food i know it doesn’t seem like a long time but when you are in a time crunch and your toddler has had enough waiting it seems like an Eternity . at night it was really hard to sleep due to the birds outside our window aren’t birds suppose to sleep we wore woken up every hour i am not exaggerating i looked at the clock every time get a good night sleep will make long day easier.

mistake# 5 walking everywhere

our hotel was in a great location so i though it would be fine to walk everywhere i mean we walk at home almost every were we go. what i didn’t think of was we would be out the whole day . and with the sidewalk being uphill on the way back it is horrible so take the link /public transpertation to get around or attest on the way back.

tip: book a tour

i wish i had booked a tour i think we would of saw more then we did and it would have been a lot easier on everyone i think tours our the way to go.


you would think i am a rookie traveler but i am not i just didn’t think this vacation through enough and now i know how to travel with my now 2 year old because just a couple of weeks ago she was a total different girl i tell you there hit 2 and they think they can take on the world.















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