Chia pudding with a twist

I am getting back on the vegan eating again after 9 years. I am gluten free due to allergy have been for 9 years but my migraines just get worse , and worse so I am hoping being vegan will help. Let get to the recipe.


Chia seeds 1 1/2 tablespoons

Chocolate non-dairy yogurt

Sweetener (your choice) to taste

Vanilla extract 1 teaspoons


If you have ever made chia pudding it about the same way.

Step 1 empty your yogurt into a glass of your choosing.

Step 2 . Put in you chia seed mix ,then add your sweetener,and vanilla mix and put in the fridge overnight


There you have it simple and easy. my now 2 year old has been eating chia seed pudding from day one but this time i thought i would do a little something different hope you all enjoy.




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