Toddler activities

As you might know I take care of toddler for a living and let me tell you it’s a hard job . Sometime I ask myself if this is what I want to do the rest of my life . No it’s not but for right now I am having fun creating great activity for them to do so I can keep my sanity .don’t get me wrong I love taking care of them just some days our easier then others.

I also put gloves on the kids to help hold the ice ball also helps with the cold intell they get soaked .

I gave them buckets, bowls and other things to put the ice balls in so there little hand didn’t get to cold.

After they had a little time to play with the ice .I added dinosaurs and safari animals to help them continue playing.

We also did a hot and cold sensory with the ice (cold) the white and purple balloons are filled with warm water so when they shake the balloons it warms up there hands (hot) if you do this make sure there is a air bubble in the balloon or they won’t be able to shake it.

Let’s get started supplies

Balloons( not water balloons)

Small toys (that won’t break when frozen)


Step one : Put you toys in the balloons

Fill with water. try not to have air in the balloon.

Step two: freeze them over night

Step three : take your frozen ice balls out of the freezer . And cut the top off then squeeze the ice out of the balloons.

There you have it a fun sensory activity that keeps the engaged for awhile .

If you liked my post let me know in the comments below I would love to hear if you did this with your little ones.


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