summer has finally arrived where i am i was so tired of all the rain . this recipe that i am going to be showing you just came to me as we were watching pokémon  yes it’s my daughter new favors show so every night we sit down and watch a few episodes.DSC00901

i wanted something sweet after a long day but didn’t have anything i could eat so after rummaging through my cupboards  i  found some left over marshmallows and m&m’s from easter.





2 thin stackers by lundberg  there thin rice cakes




place the marshmallow on the rice cracker in the microwave tell they start to form a fluffy cloud.DSC00889


place m&ms on the marshmallow again and heat it up once the marshmallow forms a fluffy cloud  take it out and place another rice cracker on it.


i was afraid that the m&ms wouldn’t melt because thats how they are made . once you place that 2nd cracker on it the pressure squishes the m&ms .


of course you don’t have to use rice crackers you can use graham crackers  if you like




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