keeping toddlers busy

sensory activities are very important for kids it can be used for all  5 senses sight , smell, taste , sound ,and touch .  is it a great way to entertain  the kids on rainy days or just to have a break from the noise . you can get all of your supplies at the dollar tree this will help keep cost down.


2 bags of white rice (makes 4 color)

food coloring  purple, orange, pink and turquoise

1 tablespoon white vinegar(per ziplock bag)

ziplock bag

tin foil (something lay the colored rice on to dry)




1Tablespoon of vinegar in the ziplock  add your food coloring ,rice seal then shake tell the rice is cover . once the rice is complete coated  pour out on to the foil to dry


the 2 bags filled a plastic shoe container 1/2 way  . depending on how much you need you may need more rice . i also have carpet so i place a sheet down for  easy clean up    it drives me crazy to have rice under my feet luckily it is easy to vacuum up.


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