blackberry – yogurt popsicles

yes it’s getting that time of year for popsicles .i love how these turned out i wasn’t sure if the blackberry was going to be a good choice for my first fruit popsicle .


i love how these popsicles remind me of a watermelon with the green handles , theses popsicle molds are great for little ones they hold the drips in the bottom so the kids aren’t as messy. but kids can’t help it ,sometime we can help them out by buying the right stuff.



1 12oz bag of blackberries (frozen)

2 cups of yogurt ( i used a greek honey yogurt)

2 tablespoon honey or white sugar


put your blackberries into a blender, or food processor tell blended, Add your sugar and yogurt blend together . then put the mixture in your molds.

i used a spoon so it was less messy i had just cleaned up the kitchen when deciding to make these popsicles go figure .

these popsicles are so easy to make have fun and keep cool


and of course if you make these popsicle please leave me a photo or comment i love seeing what other come up with /how they turn out .

you can also use other berries if you don’t care for blackberries.


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