Gluten free,vegan wrap

It’s been a while, unfortunately, my computer, charger port burnt out so I can’t charge it, its harder to write on my small phone but here we go. my journey to become vegan is a slow process but I am getting there, I make slow changes in my diet like almond milk, GF/vegan cheese. Unfortunately, I tried to buy a meat supplement but it turned out not to be Gluten free.😟


1 GF wraps

2 Tablespoons garlic roasted hummus

5 cherry tomatoes (more if they don’t bother you)

1/2 Avocado

1/2 cup spinach

Vegan /Gf pepper jack cheese (optional)

I am pretty sure you already know how to make a wrap so here is what I used.

Just cut up your ingredients and smother the hummus and avocado on.

I know the tortillas are not vegan sometimes I forget to look at ingredients. I see gluten-free and forget to see if it’s vegan I am still making the mindset changes.


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