Sunshine smoothie

Nothing better than waking up before everyone else and getting things done. since I did get up early I wanted to start the day off right with a sunshine smoothie.

I don’t own a lot of gadgets but I do own a hand juicer, it makes life a little easier when you want some home orange juice. And it’s so fun for the kids to use.

Yields about 2 to 3 servings


2 navel oranges (juiced)

2 bananas

2 c frozen mango or 10oz bag

2 handfuls spinach

1 1/2 avocado (you can use the whole avocado if you want)


1. Juice your oranges add to blender

2 add mango, and 2 bananas

3 add avocado, spinach, and blend

The spinach makes it green if you leave the spinach out it should be a white/light yellow

Hope you enjoy this early morning jump start to the day.


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