Healthy vegan pizza

I know this recipe is just like another i made but i love the ingredients so much the go togeather very well. It also a great way to use your leftover veggies without making a crust.

So lets get started.

1 -2 handfuls of raw spinach

1-2 mushrooms cut

5 cherry tomatoes cut

Pizza sauce


Vegan cheese


1. Lay your spinach down on your plate , spread you hummus over your spinach leaves,add your mushroom and tomatoes.

2. Drizzle the pizza sauce over your veggies, add vegan cheese over it your pizza sauce.

3. I heat mine up to resemble pizza .i didn’t cook it since i am tring to eat all raw.

I no the cheese is not part of a raw diet put i have been wanting pizza since yesterday. Hope you enjoy


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