Fruit bowls

Fruit bowls are great for the summer, it’s been so hot here since summer is in its last couple of months. I can’t wait to tell fall.

The sad thing about the summer coming to an end in the next month or two that blueberries, strawberries,  and all those great fruits won’t be in season anymore, they will cost an arm and a leg to buy them.
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Really any fruit you want to put in the bowl but I used.

1 cup blueberries fresh

1 small apple

1 banana

Oranges and grapes would also work very well

1 Tablespoons chia seed

Banana milk (1 banana + water blend)


Cut up that fruit, put all your fruit in a bowl, with the chia seed and Walla you have a great fruit bowl. If you want to use the banana milk great if not that’s fine

Note: if you want to make fruit soup add more fruit+orange juice to cover the fruit and refrigerate, it great to have on hot days



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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks yummy


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