Fruit bowel

Fruit bowels are great for the summer, its been so hot here since summer is in it’s last couple of months. I can’t wait tell fall.

The sad thing about the summer coming to an end in the next month or two is blueberries , stawberries and all those great fruits won’t be in season anymore, they will cost an arm and a leg to buy them.
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Really any fruit you want to put in the bowl but i used.

1 cup blueberries fresh

1 small apple

1 banana

Oranges and grapes would also work very well

1 Tablespoons chia seed

Banana milk (1 banana + water blend)


Cut up that fruit , put all you fruit in a bowl ,with the chia seed and Walla you have a great fruit bowl. If you want to use the banana milk great if not thats fine

Note: if you want to make fruit soup add more fruit+orange juice to cover the fruit and refrigerate, it great to have on hot days



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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks yummy


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