Meatless enchiladas

I always try to have vegan, gluten-free Staples in my cupboards for those days I don’t know what I am going to fix for lunch/dinner. And it was one of those days you know when you look in the cupboards and then the fridge and wonder what the heck I am going to cook well I had that moment so here we go.


2 15 oz can of black beans

3 1/2 c crushed tomato (or enchilada sauce

24 corn tortilla

4 c cooked quinoa

1packet enchilada seasonings

1 pkg vegan cheese

Directions 13×9 pan at 375

1. You are going to want to cook your quinoa add the seasonings pk to the quinoa while it cooks.

2. while that in cooking open, your crushed tomatoes, beans then rise your bean.

3.once your quinoa is done cooking mix the crushed tomatoes, beans, quinoa together.

once that’s mixed then put a small amount into a tortillas shell and roll it up and put it in your pan does this tell you to have 2 rows (layer) if you have left over put it on top of the tortillas you just made. top it with cheese.

You just want to heat it up and melt the cheese . 25 -30 minutes it also depends on your oven so don’t forget about it I the oven.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks yummy


  2. Amazing recipe!! Love it! :))


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