What a gloomy day

You know what it’s been a really bad day . I got up a 650am and started cleaning because during the weekend we went throu everything we own on our journey to become minimalist. Now back to were i was cleaning .then my oldest wakes up and starts yelling at me about somthing it about 9pm now i don’t remember what she got upset about that morning i think i asked her to unload the dishwasher now i think of it the one thing i ask her to do. My first child arrived that i babysit at 715am while he color i unloaded and reload the dishwasher about that time my 2nd kid arrived now he normally dosen’t show up tell 8:30 or 9am all hell broke loose why you might ask you see the 2 boys don’t get along the first one we will call c. Takes toys away from D(the 2nd boy)this goes on all day no matter what i do timeouts, redirect nothing works . Not to mention D screams if you touch him, if C takes a toy or is just near him .nap time didn’t go well C woke-up at 1230 and starts talking mind you he dosen’t have a low voice its like he is yelling when he talks finally i get them up they have snack and get there diaper changed they have free play + i set out some activites C was running all over yelling,climbing and bothering D so i sat C down and read him a book and my 2yr old fell asleep .once i laid her down i got a texts from D’s foster parent he will be moving back to Arizona great how the hell am i supposed to pay my bills ,everyone leave i clean the kitchen hurt myself 2. Not to mention everything falls all the time or i can’t hold on to it Time.i walk in the bedroom to play with my 2yr old and step on a tack . The universe my be tring to tell me somthing but i speak English . Loosing my ability to pay my bills ,keeping a roof over our heads. And constantly having things go wrong unfortunately i live far from eveything ,and i dont drive , i couldn’t afford a car anyway. Don’t have money for bus fare . I hope my luck will change very soon


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