Delicious coffee hot or cold

I couldn’t give my coffee up for long I went a whole month without it, but it’s back in my life again. Is a stress reducer for me, my comfort drink.

I love to hold my coffee and stare out the open back door of my apartment at the rising sun while feeling the cool morning air .since it been so hot here is so nice.

This recipe is so simples and easy iced or no ice.

Ingredients make 24oz

3 tablespoon of coffee (instant)

4 tab Hill brosCappuccinodoublemoch


Add your instant coffee, then fill your glass with hot water halfway if you are going to add ice. Put your mocha mix in and there you go it’s my quick and easy morning coffee these days.

There is an affiliate link for Amazon if you purchase anything I get a small % of that money to help my blog and family out.


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