64oz of delish coffee

Yes, 64oz of pure heaven premade sitting in my fridge. As everyone knows coffee is my world it’s their for me when I wake-up and there for me when my world comes crumbling down, it there to give me my moment of bliss even thou I have screaming toddlers running around me and a 9-year-old home from school I know enough said you parents with kids get it you others well maybe one day you will understand but for now let get to the recipe .


4 c water

6 Tablespoons instant coffee

6 Tablespoons hill bros double mocha

2c milk

14oz can of sweetened condensed milk.

64 oz container I resued a juice container. Or 2 32ounce glass jars


1. Add your hot water to your container, then add your instant coffee, mocha mix, milk, and sweetened condensed milk. Once it’s all in there put the cap back on and give it a good shake. And you have your coffee.

I did put 32 ounces into a glass jar after shaking it up. So you can use 2 glass jars if you prefer.


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