toddler on the go snack

this weekend I made the long walk to the park with my 9year old and 2year old. I knew that I would need some snacks for the walk to the park and too tied my toddler over until we go home. so I grabbed what I had in the cabinet, I wanted something that wouldn’t make a mess, and not be sticky. so I used all dry snacks if you wanted to do dried fruit that would work with it so I just didn’t have any.





puffs blueberry, and banana

yogurt bites




I put half the package of yogurt bites, and maybe half a cup of each of the puffs Ella doesn’t like them that much so I put less in.



next, I put in a handful of pretzels the pretzels are bigger I didn’t want them to take up to much room.


then I added the goldfish and mixed the yogurt bites, goldfish, puffs, pretzel up. and put them back into one of the puff containers.


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe


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