How to cook a whole chicken + broth

hello everyone last week I cooked a whole chicken normally I would just buy chicken breast, but it is much cheaper to buy a whole chicken and cook it so I am going to share how to do this process. yes it’s messy and you will get your hand dirty but you will have a weeks worth of chicken + your own homemade chicken broth.

what you will need

a whole chicken

3 carrots

2 sticks of celery

1 onion


a pot tall enough to fit veggie, chicken, and water

step 1. so what you are going to do is open your chicken and take out anything that might be inside of it.


step 2 chopping up your vegetables


step 3 put your veggies, chicken, and water into the pot. make sure the water is covering the chicken.



I had to move my chicken to a crockpot because I didn’t have a large enough pot .make sure your chicken is covered with water because that will turn into chicken broth.

cook your chicken for 3 to 4 hours, then remove the chicken to cool, put the carrots in a separate bowl to eat later.  put the liquid into another airtight container that is the chicken broth.


the chicken should be falling off the bone, remove the skin and discard. remove the chicken from the bone and throw the bones away. put the meat into an airtight container.  there you go you have made a whole chicken +broth way to go.



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