feeding my family on a small budget

I thought I might share how I feed my family on a small budget. my family dynamic is a little different then the normal I guess. but I think it’s becoming more normal then people think. I am a single mom of 2 girls age 9 and 2 I also watch a toddler and as of right now an infant. now everything depends on your portion size and whether your older kids eat school lunch or you pack a lunch for them.

my daughter eats school lunch now she didn’t always but she now will eat a range of foods at least at school so during the week she is not counted in the lunches unless she has a no school day.   so now with that said let’s get to the grocery list.

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this week

2 gallons of milk 5.58  ( for cereal, toddler and meals)

1  30ozbag of cereal 2.99 (breakfast but can have any time)

2 bags 8 1/2oz each of smart popcorn(snacks)

1 seasoning pk .89

1 bag tortilla chips 2.50

1 bag of apple  @ 1.99 lb  12 apples  11.52

1 bunch bananas  7    2.52

 1 tomato .17 cents

3 avocados 3.75

1 head of iceberg lettuce  1.50

ground beef 5.99

24 waffles       4.99

sour cream 1.39 small

fries 3.00

tortillas 2.50

1 can of black beans 1.25

1 can of red beans 1.25

the cheese was left over from last week

potatoes and mushroom soup leftovers from last week

the kids also had spaghetti for one of the meals that were left over

meals for this week for  1 adult  1 9yr old   my toddler  and m-th toddler (babysit)

the kids are always welcome to grab what they want to eat if they don’t want nachos, for example, they can have cereal or whatever we have some time my toddler prefers to snack someday others she will eat an adult severing.


1 can  refried beans

1 can bean

1 bag of tortilla chips ( this bag last use 4 days)


sour cream 1 to 2 tablespoon

avocado  1/2

lettuce optional

what I do is:

drain and rinse the beans and then add them to the refried beans. once that’s done I add the avocado and sour cream, mix I lay the chips on a plate and just drop spoonfuls on the chips, then I add the cheese and heat. I shared this with my toddler.


meat 1/2  ( i cooked all the meat  but only used half)

a whole can of beans

1/2 or full pkg of taco seasoning


sour cream


tomato 1/2 


so to make the burritos I cooked the meat first once it was cooked I took 1/2 output it into a separate container ( for mashed potatoes and mushroom soup gravy). then I added the can of beans and taco seasoning to the pan and let it simmer.


left over after lunch


taco salad  ( basically leftovers) 

leftover tortilla chip (add them last they will get soggy)




thousand island dressing (optional )

meat + bean mixture

  1. chop up your lettuce and tomato put into a bowl
  2. grade you cheese  and crunch up your chip, put it all in a bowl,
  3. there you go taco salad optional if you have thousand islands to add you can do that as well

Mashed potatoes and mushroom soup gravy

what you will need

mash potatoes  3

1/2 ground beef

1 can of condensed mushroom soup

Up to 1 ounce of water, optional

Up to 1 ounce of milk, optional

Up to one ounce of sour cream, optional

2 ounces of canned and drained or sauteed (ahead of time) mushroom pieces, optional

Instructions  gravy

  1. Place the contents of one can of mushroom soup, meat in a pot. Heat until it’s heated through. Then you’ll know what its consistency is.
  2. Once you can see how thick or thin the condensed soup is, add however much water, milk, and sour cream suits your tastes. You may not feel it necessary to add anything at all.
  3. At times, I find that half an ounce of water is all I’ll choose to add. If you haven’t used this gravy recipe before, it’s important to remember that the condensed soup thins considerably once it heats up. Avoid the temptation to add any other liquid ingredients prior to heating it. When you do add the liquids, it will most likely have more of a thinning effect on the gravy than you expect. Exercise moderation, and know that less is more.
  4. Once you have added those ingredients, taste test it and decide if the gravy needs more flavor. salt and pepper to taste.

mashed potatoes 

peel, cut and boil tell you can stick a fork through it, drain and mash.


lunch and dinner                               breakfast                      snack we have left over snacks to

burritos                                     cereal with milk + fruit                        popcorn + fruit

nachos                                          walffles +milk+ fruit                          goldfish +fruit

taco salad                                                                                                    graham crackers shapes

mashed potatoes and gravy

spaghetti left over last week

the kids have 2 snacks before dinner at 10 am and 2-3 pm dinner is at 5-6pm.

the kids always have fruit, snacks, veggies( carrots) they can grab to eat.


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