christmas pretzel rods​

these sweet and salty dessert is just the thing you need for a little pick me up this holiday season, it a great gift to put someone in the holiday spirit and will send there taste buds spinning with joy.



you wouldn’t think that these big salty treats could make memories for your family but they can, spending time together during the holidays create lasting memories, they are also a great boredom buster.


1 bag of rod pretzels

1 bag chocolate candy melts

1 bag of white candy melts

an assortment of holiday sprinkles

2 tall microwave safe cups (i used coffee cups)



  1. line a cookie sheet with parchment paper so the chocolate won’t stick to the surface.
  2. fill your cup 1/2 full with the chocolate melts or white chocolate melts, microwave in 30-second increments stirring in between.
  3. tilt your cup slightly and dip you pretzel stick, twisting it in the chocolate, lay it on a parchment lined cookie sheet, sprinkle with sprinkles,  or drizzle with white chocolate. repeat with opposite color of chocolate.




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