Valentine Day dipped oreo’s

Is everyone ready for valentine’s day?  Well we are, I had a great day making these decadent oreo cookies with my daughter Emma, it’s hard sometimes to spend time with your kids, between all the activities, school and work. Our lives are busy but it’s so important to stop and slow down, take a deep breath, and make memories I have to say these are pretty easy to make, and if you are able to spare about 20- 30 minutes to spend making memories with your kids then this is a great recipe for you .


what you will need:

1 bag oreo’s of your choice

2 bags of white chocolate (we used melting wafers)

pink food color


    1. melt the white chocolate wafers at 30 min increments in the microwave stirring in between until the chocolate is melted. let the chocolate cool a little or the Oreos will melt

cover the whole oreo in the chocolate, once the oreo is covered remove with a fork tapping the remaining chocolate off the oreo, place on a plate, place in the freezer to harden. about 5 minutes,

  1. while the oreo’s are in the freezer, put 1 drop of pink food coloring in your white chocolate, mix
  2. remove cookies from freezer, drizzle with white and, or pink chocolate.





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