first time passport for single moms, ​and their​ kids.

I have to say when I started the process of getting our family passport I didn’t think it would be that hard, well it was it took me 2 weeks to finally turn in the paperwork with all the right documents so let we tell you what you will need to get a passport for your little one and yourself if you desire one

Product Form Application Fee Execution (Acceptance) Fee

Book                                      DS-11                                 110                               35

Passport Card                       DS-11                                   30                               35

Passport Book & Card        DS-11                                   140                              35


what you will need to take to the passport agency

  1. complete passport application filled out it completely not signed
  2. the original birth certificate and copy
  3. 2 forms of I.D. as the adult  and copy
  4. passport photos
  5. 2 payment (1st passport, 2nd to the agency)
  6. receiving your passport and birth certificate by mail

step 1.getting the application is to either print the application out or, go and pick one up at your local passport agency. (i print mine out, I could have picked it up at the local city hall ) fill out the application don’t sign it untell you get to the passport agency so they can witness you signing the application.

step 2  original birth certificate will be attached to your application and sent with the application to u.s department. it will be mailed back to you in a separate envelope from the passport. I received my passport first then the birth certificates.

if you are a single mother and don’t have the father’s name on the birth certificate then you don’t need an additional form but can fill out one just in case. links below

and if you do have the father’s name on the birth certificate check out the links below

  Statement of Special Family Circumstances (DS-5525

Statement of Consent for Issuing a Passport to a Child (DS-3053)


step 3. two forms of ID was needed for me since mine wasn’t a driver’s license they accept insurance cards as a 2nd ID but bring 2 just in case.

step 4  don’t take passport photos by yourself they are so picky about them just go have them done by someone who knows what they are doing just google passport photos near me something should pop up.

step 5 payment . to pay for the passports you will need to get a money order for the exact amount. this is where I screwed up, you have to give cash for a money order so I went to the ATM and withdrew the option it gave me which was 2 dollars over the amount I needed, I didn’t even think to tell the cashier the exact amount needed. instead, I put the whole amount on the money order that I had withdrawn from the ATM. long story short I had to deposit the money into my bank account and have my bank issue me another money order that cost me an additional $10 dollars.

2nd payment to the agency you can make this payment by credit card.

step 6 congratulations you have submitted your application and now are playing the waiting game 4 to 6 weeks you should receive your passport. but wait. what happens if you can’t wait 4 to 6 weeks to find out if your passport is coming.well you can check on the using your S.S number. go to the link below click on application status and follow the instructions.

now if you don’t find your passport application once you check it to call them because the agency I went to didn’t fill everything out on application so the passport office had to send it back to the agency, then the agency had to send it back to the passport office. if I hadn’t called I don’t think they would have sent it back right away.


I hope that this article helps ease some of your anxiety when applying for a passport and, you don’t make the same mistakes I did .  have fun on your travels.



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