travel light with kids internationally

in a few weeks I will be embarking on a new journey, I will be traveling to London England with my 3yr old and 10 yr old girls, for 2 weeks we are only bringing 1 carry-ons .yes you heard me right only 1 carry-on, we will each have a backpack and I will be taking a stroller with us .they wanted to charge me $100 both way for a checked bag. I said forget that, we can just travel light using our carry-on. we will be traveling 8 hrs on our first plane with a 6 hr layover in Iceland then another 3 hr to London. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my 3yr old along with my self can keep it together I mean there is only so much I can plan for and I am sure I will be dealing with sleep deprivation lets face it our flight leaves at 3:00pm so the jet lag will be serious but just in case I have chocolate packed in my bag for meltdowns and medication for migraines.


so whats in the carry-on???

  1. 2 weeks of diaper +5 extra she only uses them at night but you never know with the time changes and turbulence she might have to use them on the plane and in between layovers, to and from the hotels, etc.
  2. exactly 6 outfits each + the one we wear on the plane they are light and easy to hand wash if I have to. that includes  long sleeve, short sleeve, and dresses
  3. socks 5 each  my 3 yr old has her own my 10 yr old an I will use the same brand athletic sock they breathe and are lightweight
  4. underwear 7 pairs each

as for the other thing we are bringing that have nothing to do with clothes

  1. 2 disposable bibs                 5.  1 travel size deodorant
  2. 2 disposable table mats      6.   6 hair ties
  3. 2 chapsticks                          7.    2 hair clips for 3 yr old
  4. 1 sunscreen stick                 8.    tide to go (can never hurt to have it)

9. 7 bandaids                              10. 4 emergency  C  (for when you are feeling sick

cliff bars for just in case we get stuck some were.  getting out of an airport can take a while.

everyone will be wearing 1 pair of shoes



preschooler                              mom+ 10yr old

2 long pant                             2 long sleeve shirts            

2 long sleeve dresses           5 tank tops (for layering)

2 short sleeve dresses         4 pairs short 

2 pairs shorts                         7 pairs underwear

7 underwear                          4socks

5 pairs sock                            1 long pant

1 pj’s set                                  1 pj’s set

2 disposable table mats

2 disposable bibs

2 weeks worth of  size 7 diaper for night time

1 stroller


basically, I put in what I think she will like and help with meltdowns if she has once I try to do a balance of sweet, salty and healthy. I also have easter lollipops just in case too. when you are traveling with kids in a small space you basically feed them what makes them happy and cater to there needs just to get through the flight. what makes them happy will make everyone else happy I know I cross my fingers I won’t be that parent with the screaming child and do everything in my power to make the fight enjoyable for everyone.


what snacks will we be taking ??

glad you asked here are a few ideas, here are some snacks that my daughter likes.

goldfish, dark chocolate chips, paw patrol cereal, yogurt melts (these are so great and mess-free), mix nuts, fruit, and veggie pouches if you do take food pouches remember they are part of the liquid rule.





I will be taking a lightweight full-size stroller. I have debated it and talk with others about it, they say no I say yes there is no way I can carry my 3yr old the girl is 45pounds, very tall for her age and I just am not physically able to care her, she is not able to walk more than 45 minutes either and would not expect her to. it will be great for helping carry the bags and for her naps. the stroller might be a problem when getting on and off transportation and upstairs but I don’t mind. I have pulled the same muscle in my back twice trying to carry her I would rather not end up in the hospital on our very first international trip just because I didn’t want to bring a stroller.

if you are new to taking a stroller with you, you will take it through security and then once at your gate go up to the gate agent and they will hand writes your seat number and flight information onto a tag. You then loop the tag onto your stroller Done. Your stroller is now tagged and you are called to board. You will drop your stroller at the bottom of the jet way. just don’t forget to pick it back up on your way out.



entertainment/activities for my preschooler

1 iPad ( loaded shows from Netflix)

stickers (are always a great option)

bubbles 3oz or less

crayons, markers, colored pencils + pad of paper +pencils sharpener

playdough +cookie cutter +small toys

magic marker coloring book





what’s in our toiletry bag??

not much I only take the basic’s now I have learned from years of travel you don’t need most of it or you can purchase it there if you really end up needing it.


 The Toiletry Bag Basics (travel size)

1  deodorant                        4 emergency packs   

1 chapstick                          2 hair clip

1 sunscreen stick               1 bandaid friction block

6 hair ties                            1   3oz liquid laundry detergent (blue liquid)

1 tide to go pen                  3 toothbrushes + toothpaste

7 bandaids                          1 travel size hairbrush 

2 razors (they came in a pk of 2)    1 tweezer

2   Neosporin spray, and gel

ibuprofen have chewable )  1 headache relief (ibuprofen )


earbuds x3

laptop+charger                camera +charger +memory card

cell-phone +charger         extra charger to charge electronics 

2 iPads+chargers             Electric converters



I have all my documents in a small dollar store Jot Expandable 6-Pocket Check Organizers, 10.25 x5.25 in. accordion folder each pocket has first to last destination plane tickets to, hotels. 1st pocked( pdx-Iceland )2nd pocket  (Iceland-London) 3rd pocket (London-Paris France )etc.


photo ID


medical ID (insurance cards)

cash (a little to get you by)

debit card and /or credit card

gift cards ( I am taking a few for our home airport ) Starbucks

children’s birth certificates (if traveling out of the USA for single parent)

Reservations and itineraries – print them and save them electronically for easy access

Hotel and/or tour contact information

Transportation tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc.

Emergency contacts and important addresses

Copies of all these things in case you lose your wallet

I also have the Jot Expandable 6-Pocket Check Organizers in a waterproof bag to make sure the passports, birth certificates, etc. don’t get wet, you never know what will happen when you are traveling.


now I don’t wear make-up never learned how to put it on and when I did try it out it broke my face out so bad. but if it’s for you then go ahead and bring just the things you can’t live without.







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