tips for flying with kids for the 1st time.

today I am going to talk about how my 3 yr old did on her first airplane ride, and hopefully give you some tips for making the trip easier, I was afraid that my daughter would get sick on the plane but it was just my luck as soon as we pulled up to the airport she threw up in the car , of course I took her out  unloaded our luggage and cleaned her up best I could before heading into the airport bathroom were i changed her into her extra clothes for the plane luckily i still was able to pull out another set of clothes from  the luggage for the plane ride .even with that she had a great flight  it was a long 7 hr 30 mins pdx-Iceland but we made it with no meltdowns.

tip 1 bring extra clothes

bring 2 to 3 extra sets of clothes if your child gets sick easy. my daughter got sick just as we arrived at the airport passenger drop off.


tip 2 Netflix/downloads

make sure your Netflix downloads have not expired. (they do expire) then you are stuck 10,000.00 feet in the air with a screaming child because they can’t watch their favorite show.

tip 3 make sure your apps work before going

you don’t want to get on a 10 hr flight and not have any of your kid’s games work.

tip 4 let your kids get up and walk around.

yes, you may make 10 million trips to the bathroom but at least your not the parent with the screaming child.

tip 5 test out headphones before you go

to make sure your kids will actually wear them. unfortunately, I stepped on my daughter’s headphones and broke them she refuses to use earbuds.

tip 6 play area

most airports have play areas let your kids burn off that energy so they are ready for a nap on the plane, or just ready to sit for the take-off.



tip 7 feed your kids before getting on the flight

we had Burgerville before getting on the flight you want to make sure your kids stop and eat before getting on the plane, it will help with them being able to cope with sitting down with a seatbelt on. sometimes even if kids are used to sitting in a car with a seat belt on there is a lot going on and sitting down with so many new things to see is hard for some.


tip 8 don’t care what anyone else

thinks if your kids use a certain cup, and or bottle brings them. yes i know my daughter is a little old for bottles but she only use it for nap time I was not about to leave the bottle at home just because I might get looks to remember you are trying to get through a long flight you are going to do whatever is in your power to not have a screaming child on the plane.


tip 9 bring a reusable water bottle

most airports have refilling fountains for water bottles this will save you money.

tip 10 go to the bathroom

have your kids go to the bathroom before getting on the plane sometimes the plane takes forever to take off.  I also put a diaper on my daughter before we got on the plane. she only uses them for naptime but I didn’t know if she would fall asleep right away or if we could get to the bathroom when she needs to go before we got into the air.








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