60$ weekly food budget family of 3

I have recently got a 2nd job, now that might sound crazy to some, being a single of 2 kids I don’t make much of an income. so I thought getting a 2nd job would make life easier. boy was I wrong. once I found and got that 2nd job. I had to find a babysitter for my 3 yr old on the weekend which is proving to be difficult.

what does this have to do with 60$ weekly food budget?

2 jobs, 2 kids still not making ends meet with the new income and the babysitters want 15 dollars an hr to start .well I only make 13 hr.

now, how is that supposed to work???

I also babysit 2 kids I feed them breakfast, snack, lunch, and snack again. so I have a total of 4 kid that I feed + myself.

I have to make my money go further, so here we go.

this week I have leftovers from the week before. I made blueberry bread with leftover frozen blueberries, flour, brown sugar, frozen bananas that were going bad and flax eggs. we will eat this for breakfast/ or snack.

I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I had made cookies 2 weeks ago and froze the rest of the batter . just a little something sweet for the kids.

I do try and keep my cupboards stocked with dry goods like rice, bean, quinoa, and lentils.  I save money by not buying beans in a can every week.

leftover I will use for this week meals

dried beans,

2 sweet potatoes

2 bell pepper

1/2 onion




spaghetti noodles

spices garlic, chili powder, and cumin

peanut butter



green beans


leftover chili (freezer)

meals I am making (recipes on Pinterest)

sweet potato black bean casserole (makes 6 servings)

1 skillet sweet potato burrito bowls (make 6 servings )

spaghetti (mostly for my oldest)

Giovanni Rana (lunch or dinner)

chicken (oldest daughter also )

bread (sandwiches oldest daughter) picky eater

breakfast options

yogurt, oatmeal, egg, cereal and blueberries bread


yogurt + granola, popcorn, and blue blueberries bread

(leftover goldfish, cheese-it, pretzels) whatever I make

dinner /lunch option

sweet potato black bean casserole

1 skillet sweet potato burrito bowls

spaghetti (mostly for my oldest)

Giovanni Rana (lunch or dinner)

chicken (oldest daughter also )

bread (sandwiches oldest daughter) picky eater


my grocery list (i get what’s on sale)

spaghetti sauce 2.89

yogurt (chobani greek yogurt 32ounce 3.99)

signature select oats 18oz buy 1 get 1 free 3.39

signature select salsa 16oz 1.67

can corn  15.25 oz can 0.89c  (my recipe called for frozen but canned was on sale)

vegetable broth  1.99

2 can 14.5 ounce petite diced tomatoes  1 each (2.00)

Clementine (3lb bag) 4.31

signature farm apples (3lb bag) 3.67

milk (1/2 gallons 99c each) 2.97 (3)

Lucerne large eggs 99c each

smart popcorn 2.49

signature farm value pk chicken 1.50 off (5.00)

signature select trail mix 33oz 6.99

pop tarts 3.39 x 2= 6.78

lucky charms 1.99(they don’t get this often but since it was on sale why not)

coffee creamer4.59

coffee 5.99

naked bread free

avocado hass free

signature apple juice 64oz free

Giovanni Rana (9oz) free

Califia far drink free

total of 59.42


if we don’t end up eating it all, I just freeze it and use it next week. I also might make some oatmeal cookies or oatmeal granola bars for a snack.

my oldest daughter is a very picky eater, so you will see the oldest daughter because she won’t eat most things I make. she would rather go hungry. I try and keep things around that she will eat like, chicken, sandwiches, spaghetti, hard-boiled eggs,  and cereal.

I hope this helps anyone looking to stretch there grocery budget I know how hard it is to get by on 1 income.










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